Stu has been making top-end solid wood furniture and cabinetry since 2005. His unwavering commitment to quality is apparent in the DouglasBuilt dado-rabbet jointed furniture and birch plywood and solid wood cabinetry offering. At DouglasBuilt you are guaranteed to receive the time, attention to detail, and value expected from exclusive custom work: you will deal directly with Stu, from designing to making and installing. There is no “anonymous team,” there is no commercial production work, and there are no plastics and synthetic composite materials.

The solid wood furniture, along with numerous sculptured commissioned pieces, are all ergonomically considered and centered on dado-rabbet joinery: this is a form of joinery that draws inspiration from the late Sam Maloof, the great American chair maker, and that Stu has adapted and refined to fit his own style. With an appreciation for comfort and for beautiful visible joinery (and here we include finger joints and dovetails), once a sound form of wood-on-wood jointing is perfected, very little glue and no fasteners or splines are required, and a range of shaping options opens up.

To embrace these possibilities, DouglasBuilt furniture is made from: afrormosia, ash, oak, walnut or iroko. These are each great hardwoods with unique characteristics that dictate function and influence form. Iroko and afrormosia are durable and offer a local, African flavor; oak is a classic, from rustic to clean contemporary; walnut epitomises timeless luxury and Ash is affordable! Whatever the timber choice, DouglasBuilt pieces are custom heirlooms.

DouglasBuilt cabinetry is built around Baltic birch plywood cases and solid wood fronts and faces. Drawer boxes are dovetailed and drawer runners are either traditional timber rails or under mount bearing slides. The choice of hinges ranges between either old-style butt or modern concealed. All contemporary systems are selected across the full range of Grass and Blum hardware products.